Neuroplasticity: Our Ever Changing Brain

Featured image of a plasma ball with the textNeuroplasticity our ever changing brain

I talk with clients all the time about neuroplasticity and realized that I haven’t explicitly written about it in my newsletters. So, this month is devoted to this constantly evolving concept and field. What is Neuroplasticity? Pedro Mateos-Aparicio and Rodriguez-Marino define Neuroplasticity as “the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. It is … Read more

Brain Hacks: Keeping the Brain Sharp as We Age

As I continue life’s journey through my 60’s, I’m more aware of the value of having practices that keep my brain functioning at it’s best.  Of course, one of my tools is doing regular NeurOptimal® tune-up sessions as one practice to keep my nervous system in balance and optimize my brain function.  There are lots … Read more

Brain Training: Wiring the Brain for a Positivity Bias

Image of a flower in spring

As we move further into living with Covid as an everyday part of our lives, the impact of the pandemic on people’s mental health is becoming increasingly clear. I am seeing so many more clients who are dealing with symptoms related to anxiety and stress and many more young people in my practice. Many people … Read more