Brain Hacks: Keeping the Brain Sharp as We Age

As I continue life’s journey through my 60’s, I’m more aware of the value of having practices that keep my brain functioning at it’s best.  Of course, one of my tools is doing regular NeurOptimal® tune-up sessions as one practice to keep my nervous system in balance and optimize my brain function.  There are lots … Read more

Chris Interviewed on Living with a Disability

After a chance meeting with the talented David Humphries at the Vista Brain Injury Education Day, I was invited to speak on the inaugural episode of the Living with a Disability on Rogers TV. You can see the episode here (I am in the first segment), where I talk about why I started using NeurOptimal® … Read more

Don’t Overlook These 3 Features of ADHD

ADHD Overlooked Features

Great article alert! Dr. William Dobson explains the three defining features of ADHD 1. an interest-based nervous system 2. emotional hyperarousal 3. rejection sensitivity NeurOptimal® can help to calm emotional hyperarousal and reduce sensitivity. It helps children and adults become more resilient in their response to stress and more flexible in their ability to move … Read more