Navigating Stress and Uncertainty During COVID-19

I was very happy to be a featured speaker on Jacqueline Richards’ Destress, Dessert and Learn series to talk about how to navigate stress and uncertainty during COVID-19. Here is the focus of my talk:

Navigating the Stress and Uncertainty of COVID-19

As we continue to move through the COVID-19 pandemic, the clients I work with as a Neurofeedback, Brain Training practioner, are finding that their anxiety is increasing and they are having more difficulty coping.  Overall, I hear that more and more people are finding themselves more tired and stressed than usual.  Best-selling author Brené Brown says our bodies can’t deal with the pandemic in the same way we weather other crises.  Our bodies are built to respond to sudden or short term crises with an adrenaline response, a surge of energy or a super-coping response.  However, this pandemic requires that we be in a new and unfamiliar response for a long period of time and we need different coping mechanisms to weather this storm. 

Three benefits you’ll take away from this session are:

  • What happens when our nervous systems become overloaded
  • What are some tools that most of us can use to stay more steady and cope with the pandemic longer term
  • What does Neurofeedback offer when coping becomes more difficult