Brain Training: Wiring the Brain for a Positivity Bias

Image of a flower in spring

As we move further into living with Covid as an everyday part of our lives, the impact of the pandemic on people’s mental health is becoming increasingly clear. I am seeing so many more clients who are dealing with symptoms related to anxiety and stress and many more young people in my practice. Many people … Read more

Take in the Good: Expanding our Capacity for Joy

Snow man in front of a house

After 22 months of pandemic ups and downs, almost everyone I talk to these days is experiencing Covid fatigue. With a high percentage of people vaccinated, it appeared we were out of the woods and moving towards a new normal. Now with Omicron, we’ve been back to restrictions, additional boosters, and no end in sight. … Read more

Baths, Chocolate, and Laughter – Your Guide to Managing Holiday Stress

Image of a Relaxing Bath

The holidays are a time for get togethers with family and friends, baking and eating delicious treats and sharing scrumptious meals. While these are all wonderful activities, there can be tension between family members and self-imposed stress of having the “right” presents and cooking a fabulous meal.  As of this writing, it’s also difficult to … Read more

Good Food for Your Nerves

Good Foods for Your Nerves

For many years fat has been demonized in the media as being bad for our health, subsequently, a whole group of fat-free foods appeared on grocery shelves with the promise of reducing heart disease, strokes, and cholesterol, yet that doesn’t quite seem to have happened. As with many things, when we generalize a food or … Read more