In-office appointments are now available with appropriate physical distancing measures in place. Daily, weekly or monthly system rentals are also available. Contact us for a free phone/online consultation.


2Beinflow Neurofeedback Services

2Beinflow offers up to a 1-hour complimentary consultation and demo NeurOptimal® session in Westboro so that people can experience what a session is like prior to committing to a series of 10 sessions.

Up To 20 Sessions

$90 (including HST) per Session
  • Up To 20 1-hour NeurOptimal® training sessions (10 Session Minimum)
  • Intake process including tracking tools and setting goals
  • Review for improvements after the 10th and 20th sessions

After The First 20 Sessions

$80 (including HST) per Session
  • Ongoing 1-hour NeurOptimal® training sessions
  • Establish schedule for ongoing or tune-up sessions
  • Review for improvements after every 10 sessions, if required

Why is there a 10 session minimum?

Much like going to the gym for fitness, it takes time and practice for the brain to make changes and develop new neural pathways. In our experience, our clients report seeing noticeable changes within 10-sessions.

For a description of typical NeurOptimal® training session, please see our "What is Neurofeedback page"