In-office appointments are available with appropriate COVID protocols in place. Daily, weekly or monthly system rentals are also available. Contact us for a free phone/online consultation.


2Beinflow Neurofeedback In Office Sessions

2Beinflow offers a 30 minute phone or zoom consultation so that you can determine if NeurOptimal Neurofeedback is a fit for you.

If you decide to proceed with the brain training, we ask for an initial commitment of 10 sessions, either in the office or through a rental.  That is because, like any other kind of training, it takes time for the brain to make changes and develop new neural pathways.  We are committed to helping you achieve your goals, and over the past 7 years, we've found that 99% of clients have noticed changes in the frequency, intensity or duration of their symptoms or concerns after 10 sessions.

We understand that this a significant financial commitment, therefore we offer a single, trial session ($90) so that you can experience it first and then decide whether to commit to an additional 9 sessions.


$90 (including HST) per session $800 for 10 sessions, if paid in advance
  • 45 Minute NeurOptimal® brain training sessions (10 Session Minimum)
  • 30 minute Intake process including tracking tools and setting goals
  • 30 Minute Review for improvements after the 10th session

For a description of typical NeurOptimal® training session, please see our "What is Neurofeedback page"