How Can NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Help You

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is an advanced, technology-based, brain training program designed to promote optimum well being and peak performance.  People who experience anxiety, high-stress levels, PTSD, worry, thoughts that won’t leave their mind, sleep issues, concentration and focus issues, or reactivity, report significant improvements in symptoms. Athletes, students, musicians, artists and business people report increased levels of performance. Overall, people report feeling calmer, clearer, happier and able to function better in their lives.

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Clients report significant decreases in symptoms after a series of NeurOptimal® brain training sessions

In particular, they see improvements in their sleep, mood, focus, memory, energy and ability to problem solve and that they have fewer and less intense headaches and/or symptoms related to anxiety or depression.

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Enjoy the benefits of reduced anxiety, improved sleep, decreased reactivity, improved concentration, improved social and academic engagement. Start being the person you were meant to be with relief from life impacting symptoms and issues.

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Technology based training system gets your brain going at it's best

Our technology-based neurofeedback is a 100% non-invasive and drug-free. Our brain training system helps the central nervous system (CNS) make the best use of your brain’s natural resources.


Brittany Richardson

Chris is a wonder to work with - she is always bright and welcoming with an uplifting outlook. Her neurofeedback services have helped me considerably in many aspects of my life. I strongly recommend her services to anyone who needs a little time in the slow lane in this fast-paced world we live in.

Cheryl Driskell

I am so grateful for the Neuroptimal Training System, I am indebted to this training protocol for releasing me of truly upsetting and uncomfortable emotions arising out of an early life trauma. I am also now able to take more mental stimulation in any given day and to keep active longer hours. This has been a wonderful experience for me and my family.

Thank you, Chris!


I started Neurofeedback services at a time in my life when stress was high, past events surfaced, and major life decisions had to be made. It's an ongoing process but some resolution and creative energy has been found. The most rewarding part is how relaxed you feel after each session!


“There have been some very good shifts for my son with NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback.  He is now getting himself ready for bed and falling asleep more quickly so I can focus on giving him positive attention before bed.  He will sit down for short periods now to eat rather than standing during meal time and he’s less disruptive if we’re out for a meal.  He is still reactive, however, the frequency, intensity and duration of his reactions has come down. 

His teachers say he’s more willing to do work, less defensive and more open to feedback, and that he’s more able to stay on task and finish work.  

Overall, the black cloud and feeling of “everyone is against me” that has been there has disappeared and, as parents, we’re more able to utilize previous tools, such as distraction, to help him calm and/or avert upset from happening.”