In-office appointments are now available with appropriate physical distancing measures in place. Daily, weekly or monthly system rentals are also available. Contact us for a free phone/online consultation.

NeurOptimal® Ontario Rentals

We are able to provide rental systems all across Ontario with fast shipping via Fed-Ex and virtual online training and support. This allows you to do your NeurOptimal® sessions in the comfort of your own home every day for a fraction of the price of in-person sessions, secure in the knowledge that you can have your training supported by an experienced professional should you need it.


Monthly NeurOptimal® System Rental Includes:

  • Shipping via FedEx
  • 40 sessions
  • All equipment and consumable supplies (conductive paste)
  • Online training via Zoom Call
  • Training Manual & Videos
  • Text/Video/phone support throughout the rental

Additional Terms:

  • Can be used by anyone in the immediate household
  • Additional 10 sessions can be purchased for $200
  • Additional individual sessions can be purchased for $25/session
  • Additional weeks can be purchased for $300 including HST/week
  • Systems are updated to the most recent version of NeurOptimal® software (version 3.0)

Monthly Rental

$1,300 including HST

As a licensed NeurOptimal® ambassador, I have also found that renting a system is a good trial towards purchasing your own personal system. If that is part of the purpose of your rental then let me know and I can provide more information about system ownership.