With ADHD, there are almost always additional issues (co-morbidities) going on as well. Many children and adults who have ADHD also deal with anxiety. In children, anxiety often shows itself as reactivity as their frustration tolerance is low due to an over-aroused central nervous system (CNS).

Neurofeedback Ottawa ADHD SessionWhen the central nervous system is in an over-aroused state, the part of the brain called the amygdala is in charge, meaning that the person responds to everyday events through the flight, flight, freeze response. The frontal cortex of the brain (the thinking brain where we can problem solve) is literally offline when the amygdala is in charge so children or adults are unable to “think” their way out of a situation as they are reacting from a life or death response mechanism.

Recent small-scale studies from the University of Central Florida (PowerPoint Presentation) and  Optimind have reported improvements in activities requiring focus and attention demonstrated notable improvement with NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback session with people with ADHD

Client Results

Donald’s parents reported that he was less bothered by noise which meant that a chair rocking or pencil tapping in the classroom no longer upset him and he was able to participate more in class activities. The family could play board games without the pieces flying across the room when the game wasn’t going well and could go to the movie theatre for the first time. The time he needed to calm down from upsets decreased and he was then more able to talk about problems and come up with some possible solutions for the future.

Sally was able to get ready for bed more easily and the family was then able to share more nurturing moments at bedtime. She was able to slow herself down more often when eating and participating in activities and more able to handle family outings. At school, Sally was able to settle into working on assignment more easily and was less frustrated when she had difficulty understanding or completing a problem.

Many parents say my child is “happier”.