Livewired: A Resource for Understanding Neuroplasticity

The book Livewired, by David Eagleman, based on the newest scientific discoveries, continues to debunk the earlier notion that our brains are static.  He shows us, through countless examples, that the brain is constantly adapting, recreating and reconfiguring itself to better understand the world we live in. David is a gifted storyteller and he interweaves … Read more

Neuroplasticity: Our Ever Changing Brain

Featured image of a plasma ball with the textNeuroplasticity our ever changing brain

I talk with clients all the time about neuroplasticity and realized that I haven’t explicitly written about it in my newsletters. So, this month is devoted to this constantly evolving concept and field. What is Neuroplasticity? Pedro Mateos-Aparicio and Rodriguez-Marino define Neuroplasticity as “the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. It is … Read more